2020, what a moment to live on this planet!

We started with a sudden stop in our lives, that led most of us to a deep introspection. Many of us started doubting about the way we used to live. We updated our work, our relationships, our connection with friends and tried to find new ways of living, that could make us more happy.
One more characteristic of 2020 is that is a year that asks us to leave behind all the nonsense of the victimism! One of the biggest lies, that have been rooted very well in the subconscious part of humanity, is that God is somewhere outside of us and we are not Gods and Goddesses creating our reality!

If 2020 had voice would tell us: Look at yourself in the mirror, like one 20 that belongs to your human self and accept the fact that what you see in front of you is the other 20 that belongs to your Divine-creator Self! After this realization, instead of complaining about your life, start asking yourself: why do I create this life?

Well, 2020 started by asking us in a smooth way to delete this fake program and step in our real power! As much as we enter deeper in the year, this demand will stop being smooth and will almost “force” us to take place! Before the end of this summer, many of us will be called by Mother Earth to decide whether they want to be part of the group of the victim-assailant or the group of the Creator!

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