Surrendering in something bigger than the Ego-personality is the same with recognizing and accepting that we are Divine Beings.
Striving for something, fighting and suffering is a very normal state of our mind. Unfortunately it is so normal that if we stop suffering for a while we sense that something goes wrong…
Our Higher Self is the part of our self that never dies, is our inner God-Goddess. Our Ego is a part of our self that gets formed from the first moment we arrive in our mother´s womb till the moment we die.
Normally our Ego has to be at the service of our Higher Self. That means that any time we intuit something, our personality has to obey and materialize what our intuition demands.

Unfortunately this does not always happen and some of the main reasons are:
1. Fear of life change
2. Fear of “betraying” what our parents have taught us and expecting for us to do (whether they are still alive or not, they are alive inside of us)
3. Insecurity and fear of loneliness
4. Lack of trust and faith in something that we cannot see but only feel
5. Lack of connection with our body-emotions
6. Having to obey to the rules of society
7. Lack of strength
and a lot more.
Our inner Woman is our intuition, our inner Man is our way of thinking. Only when our inner Man-Mind has the humbleness to serve our inner Woman-Intuition then Surrendering may happen.
Till then fighting, suffering, controlling and a fake superficial happiness take place!
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