Every Friday 20.00 – 21.30 (Thailand time)
Join the class for free on the 26th of March
These classes are suitable for the timetable of  Thailand and other places of Asia!

Most women live life today in constant action, thinking, preoccupation, and stress! They barely stop what they do to visit their body, take a couple of breaths and feel the power of life! This way of life makes them always be in their minds. 

Living in the mind, avoiding the body is like living in a cloud avoiding planet earth!

I decided to create these tantric-classes for women because I realized that women today are trying to find their true power in the wrong places!
Women’s power is not in their minds, in their ability to compete, or in their ability to fight. Their true feminine power is in the connection with the body!

When a woman starts living in her body more than her mind, she embraces all aspects of herself.

One of the aspects, that she is most afraid of, is her true natural power. In my tantra classes, I look forward to taking you on a journey where you can go beyond this fear and finally claim your true feminine power that is yearning to be claimed!

You can participate with your camera on or off!

Each session is different according to the theme of the day.

Some of the themes can be:


Cutting cords with X-partners


Open the heart

and more

Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you more information regarding the price and payment.

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