How many times per day do you slow down and connect to a more conscious and deep breath?

How many times per day do you give yourself some affection and conscious touch?

How many times per day do you feel your body’s needs and follow them more than your mind?

How many times per day do you make love with the Divine through the Gates of the Senses?

Most women live life today in constant action, thinking, preoccupation, and stress! They barely stop what they do to visit their body, take a couple of breaths and feel the power of life! This way of life makes them always be in their minds. 

Living in mind, avoiding the body is like living in a cloud avoiding planet earth! Come back, and your life can totally change!

Tantra with Agapi is a journey only for women. We meet once per week in a safe and cozy space where we combine conscious dance with Tantric Meditations, Rituals, Sharings, and many more. Each time we dive even deeper inside our senses, the Gates of our Inner Divinity!

Each session is different according to the theme of the day.






When the Spirit merges with the mater and the mater embraces the Spirit, Tantra appears!

Tantra is a powerful tool in the journey of self-growth of an individual. It is powerful because it focuses on merging the Spirit with the physical body. This has, as a result, all the realizations, transformation, healing, and growth to be embodied and manifested in the external life of the person.

The ancient practices of Tantra use the senses as doors to the Divine. Tantra is the “Path of Love” that guides us out of our minds into our hearts. This path is a journey into expanded consciousness, going far beyond personality masks or social conditionings. Tantra uses a wide range of spiritual practices and meditations that help us connect with our vital life force energy to be fully present in our body with ease, joy, and playfulness.



When: I have several groups. Contact me for the schedule

Where: ZOOM