We use the magic power of  Cacao combined with shamanic and tantric exercises to enhance the senses, open the heart, and let The Spirit enjoy through the sacred temple of the body.


Sacred Cacao

Cacao is a Sacred Plant Medicine that supports an authentic connection to our heart and allows ecstasy and love to enter our Being. Combined with ancient tantric practices, the doors to the divine can open widely and help us realize our true nature in the Oneness of Existence!

I offer, as part of the ceremony, a concentrated, pure, and Intuitively-prepared Cacao drink. This drink facilitates an increased blood flow into the skin. It contains a high amount of magnesium that helps all major muscle groups to relax. It produces serotonin which reduces stress and anxiety, as well as dopamine that supports joy, motivation and emotional wellbeing. Last but not least, the cacao activates the pineal gland, the spiritual center of the brain, and can function as a Messenger between the Small and the Higher Self.



The ancient practices of Tantra use the senses as doors to the Divine. Tantra is the “Path of Love” that guides us out of our minds and into the beauty of our hearts. This path is a journey into expanded consciousness, going far beyond personality masks or social conditionings. Tantra uses a wide range of spiritual practices and meditations that help us connect with our vital life force energy in order to be fully present in our body with ease, joy and playfulness.