The partner that will never leave us is the partner that we have inside!

This handsome man who is always there to support us, to hold us, to give us direction no matter what is happening with the man outside! 

This beautiful woman who is there to nurture, take care of us and love us no matter what happens with the woman outside!

How this workshop can help you in the relationship with yourself
Strengthening the relationship with our inner opposite is the secret of a better quality of life and the creation of more successful relationships outside.

Our inner man is responsible for:
Our discipline – not obedience or being too demanding, just discipline to our own decisions
Our action – there are moments in life that we just need to act no matter how much we are afraid. Our inner man takes us from our hand and he just says “Jump”
Our focus on a goal – Goals are important in life so that we have at least a direction
Our capacity to complete tasks – many people start things in their life without finishing them

Our inner woman is responsible for:
Our relaxation – there are moments that we just need to disconnect from everything and do nothing
Our connection to pleasure – The pleasure that rises from our 5 senses is the fuel for our bodies to live a balanced and happy life!
Our intuition – the intuition is just the words of the Spirit inside of us
Our death and rebirth – life is a constant flow of death and rebirth, if we deny this flow then we are stuck in the same point again and again

If you want to find a way how to heal those two aspects join my workshop “The art of relating”


How this workshop can help you with relationships outside
It can help you discover how to co-create the relationship that is suitable for you !

Being in a relationship can be a very powerful and beautiful way to develop ourselves and to spend our life with a person who can co-create with us.
Unfortunately what often happens is that we dive in a relationship without asking ourselves “what kind of relationship do I want to create in this moment of my life?”

We so much follow blindly (subconsciously and consciously) the rules of our society and family totally forgetting that we are free to create any kind of relationship we truly desire!

  • Do you want to create a harmonious relationship with your partner?
  • Do you want to open your heart and witness its blossom?
  • Do you want to co-create in the relationship?
  • Do you want to commit in the relationship without losing yourself, your Independence and your freedom?
  • Do you yearn for more sacred intimate moments?

In this workshop we will focus in two main aspects of ourselves that contribute in the creation of the relationship:

The inner child and the inner feminine and masculine

Inner child and relationship:
A relationship is a composition of four different people and not two. In a relationship we have two adults of different or the same gender and their inner children.
If we are not aware of the members of our relationship, especially the characteristics of the inner child, we cannot create a harmonious and successful relationship.

Inner feminine and masculine:
We sometimes jump from one relationship to another trying to find that precious happiness that  actually only our inner man or inner woman is capable to give us.
Other times we get stuck in one relationship repeating same patterns again and again and compromising a lot more than our physical, emotional and energetic health can allow us, also because of the unhealthy structure of our inner woman or man.

We will:

  • Heal our wounded inner child
  • Learn how to set clear boundaries
  • Learn the most precious art of communication
  • Come across our fears of loneliness
  • Take responsibility for our actions, words and emotions
  • Give more space to the expression of our sensuality
  • Face the fear of commitment

The structure of the workshop is based on the tools:
Inner child healing
Intuitive guidance through the Akashic Records