8/8 from 8pm-22.10pm Greece time
Celebrate with me the transition from the Era of Oblivion to the Era of Awareness and Remembrance on the 8th of August (Lion’s Gate)!
In order to cross the gates of 8/8, which will lead us to the Truth, we will use two essential archetypes of Greek Mythology, Lethe and Mnimi.
Lethe is a nymph and also the Goddes of the river of Oblivion in the world of Hades. At the same time, Mnimi is the mother of Muses and the Goddess of the river of Remembrance, flowing parallel to the river of Oblivion.
Today, most people live between these two rivers, not knowing which one to choose to drink water from. They have been drinking from the river of Oblivion almost all their lives, and now that they have the opportunity to “wake up” and remember who they really are, they are afraid and hesitating!

Drinking from the river of Mnimi is always scary because it obliges us to let the victim go and embrace our inner creator and step out of the illusionary world!
If you want to know more about the workshop as well as my perception of what is happening in the world read my fairytale:

Once upon a time, there was our beautiful planet, vibrating in joy, health and unconditional love. All beings were living happily, and they were all connected to each other and the electromagnetic field of the Earth and the Center of the Earth.
Everything was flowing based on the “butterfly effect,” and everything was one!
All humans were aware of the Creator’s power inside them and used it to create their reality constantly.
In a few words, they were Gods and Goddesses inside human bodies on the Earth. These people did not need to incarnate again and again because death did not exist!

These Gods were feeding themselves from the Earth’s energy rising from Her heart and the universal energy descending from the Sky!
Absorbing both energies simultaneously was helping them stay in their Truth and live in balance between their human and divine self.

The Earthy energy was helping them connect to the planet, communicate with the plants, the animals and the elements. It was giving them vitality, health and it was food mainly for their physical body.
The Universal energy was feeding their pineal gland, which was the main organ used to consciously create their reality, keeping them in Awareness and Truth!

One day a very sad and destructive invasion occurred from beings who lived on a different planet vibrating in a lower frequency than the Earth. Those beings conquered the Earth and built a black net around it that slowly became an obstacle for the Humans to absorb the Universal energy. While years passed by, humans started losing connection to the Sky and the center of the Earth.
They did not have the energy needed to keep their pineal gland functioning and consciously create their reality. At the same time, they couldn’t connect anymore with the planet, their home, something that made them feel afraid and unstable!

The intruders never revealed themselves; they always hid inside the black net and waited until the humans lost their connection to the universe and Earth. Then, they created a magnificent and brilliant plan to play games with them by manipulating and creating a fake world for them!
Since humans were not aware of the capacity to create realities and were totally disconnected from their divine self, the black net and its creators took the lead in creating a reality that was spread almost all over the Earth.

But…after many, many years, at the beginning of the Era of Aquarius, the Earth’s heart, after being tired of the disconnection, started beating stronger, emanating more love for her children!

That created an immense conflict between the love rising from the core of the planet and the low vibration net!

The net had to fight for its existence because the vibration of love started melting it slowly, and the humans had to choose which side to be, the side of the net (Oblivion) or the side of the Earth (awakening)…! To be continued….

If you want to book your place send an email to agapiapostolopoulou@gmail.com (please do it before the 4th of August if it is possible)
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Agapi loves taking people into a journey of discovering their Real Authentic Self. She mainly focuses on balancing feminine and masculine polarities, healing the inner child and embracing the matrilineal way of being.  Her work is a blend of shamanism, art, tantra, dance and spirituality. She is a world traveler who does her best to serve with gratitude and humbleness the Divine!