It is a project that consists of 5 different classes of dance and self-know meditations.

The first 4 classes are a combination of tango and flamenco that are blending in a unique way with the 4 elements:


First class (earth)

We “wake up” our first chakra using the earthy attribute of flamenco (beats of the feet on the ground) and at the same time we leave ourselves to be ravished by the loving-magnetic power of the Mother Earth.


  • Get in touch with our bodies
  • Create a better connection with the earth
  • Find stability in life and live in the present moment


Second class (wind)

Different polarities can be like the opposite winds coming from different directions! By using the passion that is being created in tango, when the two polarities merge we can sintonise better with the depth of the feminine and masculine, heal them inside of us and accept them.


  • Embrace our inner femininity or masculinity
  • Get in touch with our inner opposite (being a woman for example with her inner man)
  • Find balance in our lives, directionality and faith


Third class (fire)

In this class we use the wisdom of both Tango and Flamenco in order to create energetic “flames” of exstasy that help us appreciate more the essence of life!


  • Wake up the juiciness of our sexuality


Fourth class (water)

This is an improvisation dance class where we can let our body express anything that happened in the previous classes. A combination of earth-wind and fire leading us now to the flowing water.


  • Learn how to flow in life
  • Listen more careful the voice of our body


Fifth class (Celebration)

This class always depend on the dynamic of the group but what is always the same is the focus on the celebration of being alive!!!!

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