“When using the senses with an open heart not to go out, but to go in,  exploring what is touched inside, the door to the Divine opens widely”

Most of us are already on a path of self-healing and transformation. This path can sometimes be painful, scary and slow. In order to make a significant shift on this path, we created a process that will lead you to the same healing and transformation, by  connecting you to your innermost capacities for pleasure, surrender and ecstasy!

In this highly transformative retreat we will re-educate ourselves to find the natural balance between body and mind.

We will experience our body as the holy temple of our life, the most sacred sanctuary of all religions. This is the only place where the alchemy of transformation can happen.

Going beyond the critical mind and the “drama queen” inside of us, we will go on a journey to come back to our true selves, that is pure love.

Our beautiful teacher Sarita puts it this way: “The body is spirit turned upside down and the spirit is body turned upside down. What you are in your body is a mirror of your spirit. How you are in your spirit is a mirror of your body.”

For the last thousands of years, most religions situated “paradise” as a place somewhere “out there” in far away heavens.

This delusion made us believe that the body is impure and physical pleasures must be avoided!

In this workshop we will reconnect with the sacredness of our Body and accept it as the Holy Temple of our Soul, our Spirit and our whole Being!



In this workshop we will

  • connect more to our Higher Self through the body and learn to listen to what it needs in order to have our life flourishing
  • develop a strong grounding instead of flying in the imaginary spaces of our spiritual ego-mind
  • liberate our sexuality, connect it with the heart and realize it as the most powerful life force energy that the Spirit uses as the main tool of creating our reality
  • find love inside every cell and awaken the divine intelligence of our body that heals everything inside and outside
  • learn to be more authentic in our relationships, to ask for what we need to be satisfied and to put limits and boundaries that keep us healthy
  • and just have fun!

We will use techniques coming from

  • Tantra – using the senses as a door to the Divine
  • Shamanism – connecting to the power of our naturally healthy Higher Self
  • Breathwork – Connecting fully to the aliveness of the body
  • Different kinds of bodywork therapies – realigning the body physically and energetically with the touch of love
  • Conscious body movements – creating higher awareness for the felt sense, the subtle energy flow in our body
  • Dance – celebrating every moment of life
  • Active meditations – playfully finding our inner silence with ease & joy

We will end the workshop with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony in order to experience how is to live in a body with an open Heart.

Cacao is a Sacred Teacher plant that opens the heart and allows ecstasy and love to enter our being. Combined with ancient tantric practices the doors to the divine can open widely and help us realize our true nature in the oneness of existence.

In this workshop we need to have a balanced number of men and women. So, if you have a partner, bring him or her. If you don’t have one, this can be a perfect opportunity to pick someone up. 🙂  But don’t get stressed! Singles are also warmly welcome.

“Blessed one, as senses are absorbed in the heart, reach the center of the lotus !”

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra