Are you pleased in your relationship?

Are you tolerating your partner until he changes and he becomes the one that you want?

Do you feel understoodrespected and loved?

Are you bored with your unsatisfied sex life?

Do you have your relationship like a comfort zone and seek the sparkle of passion in external affairs?

 Many times we are in a relationship without really being happy. We tolerate our partner’s behavior hoping that one day he/she will change. We let time pass by repeating the same arguments, same stories, same ways to hurt the other and ourselves. We don’t know what to do when the blush of romantic love wears off and we find ourselves in a painful power struggle, wondering what happened and what to do about it. 

Some of the reasons that this happens are:

  • Lack of honest communication with ourselves and our partner
  • Lack of interest in the relationship from one or both partners
  • Having a different mentality and way of life with my partner
  • Being unaware of how to create a healthy relationship
  • Lack of a healthy transition from the fireworks of “falling in love” to “love.”
  • Lack of polarity between masculine and feminine energy
  • and more

My tantra background, my experience with my clients and my journey with my partners, taught me that if both people commit to working on their relationship, they can create a relationship of their dreams. 

My sessions “The Happy Couple” help you find solutions to your problems by clearing the mist that does not let you see with clarity and maturity your partner and yourself. 

It gives you the skills and tools you need to:

Here you can find the audio of a class about relationships: Relationships

To attend the session, both partners need to be interested in it. 

When you decide it just contact me