7th-14th day 


extroverted, energetic, communicative and ready to act!

Season: SPRING

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In this workshop we get in touch with our inner Artemis in order to feel our freedom, strength, clarity and action.
We will learn how the woman feels and behaves the first week after the end of the menstruation and whatever we can do in order to take advantage of this week as good as possible.
It is a quite active week with lots of ideas and the clarity and power to materialize them no matter what!

We will:

-Learn how to set goals in life and face any obstacle that does not let us achieve them
-Find our purpose in life and all the gifts that we bring in order to fulfill it
-Increase the level of honesty with ourselves and others

All the workshops focus on healing our inner child, deleting religious subconscious programs, going back and reconnecting with our body and finding a way how our personality can serve best our inner Goddess.

The aspect of the Goddess that flourishes in this specific period is the archetype of Goddess Artemis – Diana – Durga.