“The New Man” is a series of 6 sessions that can contribute significantly to your self-development journey.

Each man hides inside of him many different archetypes.

When those archetypes are healthy in a man, he can reach his full potential and live life on his terms!

According to the man’s childhood and the information he received from his family tree those archetypes can be healthy or unhealthy.

The healthy form of the above archetypes is:

A healthy King is a man who takes decisions and achieves them, a man who follows his mission in life and can sustain himself financially, a man who has embraced the pride that comes out of his self-worth and has won the arrogance that comes out of his ego.

A healthy Man of Nature is a man who enjoys all aspects of life, a man who connects with the Earth, a man who flows whenever he needs to flow, a man who is embracing his emotions, a man who can connect intimately with a woman the same way that connects to the earth, a man who allows himself to have pleasure without losing himself in indulgence.

A healthy Magician is a man who has deleted the programs of Patriarchy, a man who is constantly seeing and embracing his shadow, a man who lets the Spirit lead him, a man who serves the Spirit by manifesting in life Its wishes, a man who can materialize realities with the power of his Intention.

A healthy Observer is a man who is not afraid to see the truth inside of him, a man who does not need to act to avoid relaxation, a man who dares to see beyond the appearance of his small self, a man who knows how to set up boundaries, a man who does all the above with the most peaceful and centered way!

My project “The New Man” consists of 6 sessions, where we go deep inside of each of those archetypes. I love using the archetypes of the Greek Gods that are the equivalent of:

  • King – God Apollo, God Mars and Zeus
  • Man of Nature – God Pan, God Dionysus
  • Observer – God Hermes, God Hephaestus
  • Magician – God Hades

In each session, I channel for you all the information that is blocking the above archetypes. Information that you have obtained from your Family Tree, Childhood Traumas, Past lives, and Society’s Programs. 

This series of sessions can help you:

    • Reconnect to the earth, the moon, the Sun of our galaxy, and star Sirius (which ancient civilizations believed was our second sun).
    • Heal the above archetypes
    • Have healthier relationships with your partners, family and friends, and a lot more depending on the stage you are in your self-development process.