The Feminine body is blessed by a huge gift that only few women are really aware of. This gift of The Menstrual Cycle!

During the cycle, a woman is four different women who change according to the phase of the cycle. In each phase, she has different ways of thinking, different ways of expressing emotions, and using her energy.

All these phases are affected by the secretion of various hormones and the influence of the Moon on her!

The phases bring out from the woman’s physique different archetypes. In order to describe those archetypes, I love using the Greek Goddesses: 


When a woman learns how to honor and give space to those Goddesses she can reach her full potential and live life on her terms!

The Power of Your Cycle

The Power of Your Cycle is a series of Five sessions where we dive deep inside these Archetypes in you!
We start the sessions on the First day of your Cycle, and then we meet once per week.

In each session, I channel for you all the information that is blocking the above archetypes. Information that you have obtained from your Family Tree, Childhood Traumas, Past lives, and Society’s Programs.

1st session

How the Cycle is divided in Four phases and what is their connection to different hormones that are released in each phase

What are the Characteristics of each phase and how we can use them for our benefit

What is the Influence of the Moon cycle and how to reconnect with it

In the next Four sessions you will enter in a powerful journey of healing the Archetypes.


aSecond sess

Second session

Goddess ARTEMIS (7th to 14th day)

This Goddess is responsible for our actions in life. She loves setting goals and fulfilling them without self-demanding but with discipline, presence and love.
She is the Goddess of our Mission in Life! She knows exactly what is the purpose of our incarnation and what we can do to accomplish it.
She steps Mother Earth with respect and love; she is extroverted, sociable, and loves making things happen! If she is unhealthy then we get stuck in life without being able to act. We are lost waiting for the handsome prince to come and save us!

Her magic words are: “My mission is to fulfill the goals of the Spirit”




Third Session

Goddess AFRODITE (14th to 21st day)

She loves doing nothing! She is the Goddess of our sensuality, sexuality, femininity and self-worth. She is like a beautiful flower that opens her colorful petals and spreads her aroma all over the place. She can attract in her life anyone she wants without doing anything. Just being! If she is unhealthy we live a stressful life with lots of preocupations and a tendency to use more our masculine energy.

Her magic words are: “In the depth of Passiveness my Action begins. It is a Sacred Action called Sacred conception!”



Fourth Session

Goddess HECATE (21st to 28th day)

The Goddess of Truth! If we tend to lie to ourselves, this is the most challenging week of the cycle! One of PMS’s reasons is the conflict between the powerful voice of the truth that awakens in this week and our resistance not to listen to it. Goddess Hecate is responsible for transparent and honest introspection. Whenever she is unhealthy, we are not advancing in life but only doing circles around the same spot! We create a fake reality trying to convince ourselves that is true.

Her magic words are: “I am always there for you when you look inside!”




Fifth Session

Goddess Gaia (1st to 7th day)

She holds the keys to our true transformation. She is the Priestess, the Shaman, the Therapist! Her blood is the Nectar of all Goddesses.
She knows how to create a deep death and rebirth by letting us let go of the past and create space for the new. If this Goddess is unhealthy, we reject our blood, have painful menstruations, do not have any connection to our intuition, and live as victims of the Patriarchal system.

Her magic words are: “I am your inner therapist, I am your inner Priestess, I am the Earth within!”


Many women of today are not in touch with those phases. They almost feel each phase the same, due to the fact that they are more connected to their masculine side than their feminine body.

If you happen to encarnate in this life in a feminine body and you still have a cycle, it is a pleasure to dive deeply inside and start knowing all those beautiful Goddesses that you can be!

If you are interested in the journey you will need to gather information regarding your family tree, the way you were born and the 9 months inside your mother’s belly.