“There are no words to explain the enchantment of the intuition hidden inside of a woman’s womb that springs from every pore of her skin, every look of her eyes, every word of her lips…
There are no words to explain the sacred power that rises from the “vulnerability” of a woman’s Heart when she sits on her “throne” accepting even the darkest part of her self..
There are no words to describe the beauty, hidden in the sense of a woman’s nature based on a cycle of 28 unique and unrepeatable days!”

A woman’s cycle hides four different stages where the woman feels completely different in each and one of them. In a few words, a woman has four different personalities during almost a month that we could call archetypes.
An excellent way to explain those archetypes is by using Goddesses of the Greek Mythology, and these would be: Goddess Artemis (7th-14th day), Aphrodite (14th-21st), Hecate (21st-28th), and Gaia (28th-7th)

When a woman lives her cycle, honors each phase, and takes advantage of the energy created by the different releases of her hormones in each phase, she can live a far better life quality in all sectors!

Unfortunately, today, women are not aware of who they are! They live in a masculine world, believing that this is a world also designed for them, but this is not true! This world is mainly designed to expand and express our masculine energy(logic, mind power, control, action, competition, etc) but not our feminine (intuition, emotions, relaxation, connection to the body, etc.).

It is a world that men might feel more comfortable living in, even though it can become stressful and unhealthy for them.

Men are linear, which means that they can easily live in a routine and live in the same lifestyle every day. Women are cyclic, which means that they flow and change every approximately seven days.
For example, a woman can be very productive and masculine from her 7th until approximately her 14th day. On the 14th day, she enters her ovulation, where she needs to relax and be a lot more passive until her 21st day that she enters a different expression of action.

This is such valuable information that women had to learn it in school or through their mothers.
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