I am not the one you want me to be 


Mum look at me, dad tell me “well done”, it’s me, I’m your nice girl, your good son, I’m just the one you want me to be.

I’m everything you asked for and dreamed of, a good daughter, a good son!

But, why don’t you love me since I am what told me how to be?

You keep asking me every time to do more things, to act better, always something more…

I do it, I try it… but you are never satisfied…

What else do you want?

Well, you know something mum? Today I understand that finally the most important thing is what I want!

Your little child, your daughter, your son… It’s what I am and I’m very happy with it.

Accept and embrace your disappointment and come to me with joy to know me better, because I’m the “essence” and the blossom of this “essence” has been already bloomed.

“Welcome” for those who want to know the blossom of my heart.

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