There is nothing in our life that depends on an external factor.
Everything that happens is a projection of our inner world to external reality.
Our inner world is a combination of our Authentic Self and a self that is a result of our upbringing. Sometimes our Authentic Self has nothing to do with the self that our family and surroundings imposed us. Only if we meet our Authentic Self we can create an external reality of fulfillment, happiness, and love.
In order to discover our real Self, we need to dive in and heal those traumatic situations, where many emotions got suppressed inside of us.

These emotions got absorbed by our organs, muscles, and different parts of our physical body and, if we do not “clean” them, one day they also express themselves throughout a disease.
The best moment that you could start this cleansing would be a moment that you have being triggered by something or someone. The trigger awakens emotions that are blocked inside of you since your childhood.
A very helpful meditation, at that moment of the trigger, can be:
No matter where you have been when the trigger happened, try to find a place where you can be alone. If you are in a place full of people you can always go to the toilet or your bedroom.
GO OUT OF YOUR MIND and enter deep inside your physical body. BREATHE DEEP! Feel the dominant emotion and dive deep in it. It can be very helpful if you feel where the emotion is stored inside your physical body, if not don’t worry. When you manage to get in touch with the emotion let it out!
If it is anger and you do not want to scream out loud you can always shout with the mouth wide open but without voice (like a strong long exhalation), if it is sadness cry, if you feel fear express it with your body, and more.
Keep your eyes closed and do not stop releasing the emotion until you feel calm. After the emotional release do something to help you come back to your center. You can sing a song, take a shower, go out in nature, or anything else that can help you feel stable again.
During the emotional release, you might also realize the trauma that was hidden behind all these emotions. DO NOT SPEAK WITH THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TRAUMA!!!  If for example, you realized something about the relationship you had with your father, DON’T CALL him after your meditation and explode on him. After some days if you still think that is a good and productive idea to talk to him, do it but in a very calm and mature way!

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