We all design a map of life before our incarnation. This map contains our mission in this life, people we need to meet, and situations we need to create for ourselves in order to understand why we are here.
On this map, we include other souls in the form of humans, animals, or even plants that can help us, during our incarnation, stay on the map and accomplish our journey with the success of the Spirit.

These souls have a special contract with us that we agree to sign before coming here. They can be our friends, enemies, dogs, cats, plants, or anything that has life.
A twin flame is one of these souls that has this particular contract of helping us find love inside ourselves, and it can also be anyone! The twin flame doesn’t have to be a lover or a partner. Our twin flame can be our worst enemy who decided to incarnate in the form of an enemy to show us our worse shadow, all these parts that we carry inside of us without wanting to accept.

There is a misunderstanding today between the Twin Flame and the Prince or the Princess of the Fairytales that our inner child is waiting to meet. It is too much on fashion, in the Spiritual world, the Twin Flame theme! It gives people fake hopes that they have found their prince or princess.

Of course, your twin flame is possible to be a man or a woman that you create a happy relationship with, and live happily ever after, but it is definitely not the only case!

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