In order to be untouchable from the influence of the “Matrix” you first need to dedicate time, energy and will.
Today light on a candle and meditate by looking at it for 4 minutes. Imagine that the flame surrounds you and creates a protection field that includes your electromagnetic field.
After the candle meditation try to take a shower and pour on top of you some almond, rosemary, rose or pine essence mixed with a bit of water, taking care of your eyes! (if you do not have the essence and you have the herb or flower you can boil it and pour it on your body in the end of your shower. Try not to rinse, just stay with it)
These two (meditation and shower) is good to repeat it every 3 to 4 days, depending on how much you feel your thoughts or emotions are coming from the rest of the people and not you.
Another exercise (but this only for today) can be: whenever you go out of your house wear something inside out (it can be an underwear) and something very important! Breathe!!!!
Breathing will help you stay connected with the present moment inside your body! As much as you live in the present moment and in your body you do not abandon yourself and leave other entities invade you.
Try some of the exercise and try to feel if there is any difference in your every day life (especially your energy, wellbeing, creativity and health)!
Tomorrow we will deepen more into the subject!

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