Life is like a train with multiple seats. On this train, each of us has a “seat” that belongs only to him/her!

The big question is: do we “sit” on our “seat”?

Our “seat” represents everything that we have designed for us before our incarnation.
Our mission in this life, the people we are meant to meet, children that we are meant to have or not to have, lessons that we are meant to take and give and many experiences that are meant to add color to our life!

Unfortunately, most of the time, we avoid sitting on our “seat” because we avoid walking our real path! We avoid entering our mission. We avoid the people we have to meet who will be our most prominent gurus. We avoid moments of success or humbleness; generally, we avoid the life that will lead us to Awakening and Love!

Why we do that? Because throughout the history of humanity on this planet, humanity developed the tendency to follow three main unhealthy goals:
To Suffer, to Fight and to avoid Truth!

Fortunately, our beautiful planet cannot stand anymore this unhealthy way of being and has decided to UPGRADE itself into a new Planet!

The UPGRADE of the Planet forces an UPGRADE within us too!

With all this situation of the Virus, we are called to enter our cave and look inside. We need to see why we avoid “seating” on our real “seat.”
For example, why someone prefers to be a lawyer even though his map of life says that he should become a dancer? He chooses to be single even though his plan of life says it is good for him to get married? He avoids opening his wings and fly even though his map of life says that he has come to succeed and show up?

Who wrote your map of life? YOU! Your Higher Self who yearns to drink all nectar of life inside a human’s body!

So, what is happening at the end of 2020? We are almost obliged to leave any “seat” that is not ours and, whether we like it or not, sit on our seat!

This intense push to transform ourselves creates feelings of being lost, fear and panic inside many people. This happens because most of us have created a comfortable zone that we feel safe in, and now we are asked to leave it!

It is a moment for deep introspection. A moment that if we take advantage of it and we find the courage to let go without resisting, we will find ourselves ready to enter the Magic field of 2021!
If we stay where we are, the Intense energy of 2021 will knock us out and oblige us in a more radical and challenging way to make the change.
So, let’s do the job and prepare ourselves for the Celebration of the Divine that will occur in 2021!!!

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