There is a whole world out there that our eyes cannot capture. It does not only exist what we can see with our physical eyes but also what we cannot see… This is the world of energy! In the same way, we cannot see the wifi, we cannot see the energetic world.
The energetic world has its own rules and ways of expression.
There are many things to say about the energetic world, here I will focus on the energetic body of the people.
Each and one of us has an energetic body where everything is stored in a form of energy. The same way that suppressed emotions are stored in the emotional body, energetic blockages are stored in the energetic body.
For example: If you have a trauma of your childhood that you haven’t healed, it will be stored in the energetic body, as a form of low vibration energy and it will influence the general flow of your energy.
These balls of low vibration energy, which also can penetrate your physical body, can become entities. Entities are just low vibration beings, that most of the time are produced inside of us and are connected to traumas, or even inherited information. Of course, we can also absorb entities from others or our environment (especially from the media) but if our energetic immune system is strong nothing will happen.
A virus is an entity in a physical form. Depending on the characteristics of the entity we have the specific virus. For example, the virus of «herpes» in the genitals is an entity that has been created from: misuse of the sexual power, lack of grounding, lack of self-worth, lack of energetic boundaries, and more. When the energetic body cannot sustain any more all this information it finally passes to the physical body in the form of a virus.
In my August newsletter, I will let you know which entity is behind the Coronavirus! See you then!

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