Who I am truly:

Since I was a child, I loved discovering magic in everything I was doing. One of my best activities was to lose myself in nature, searching for smurfs, fairies, unicorns, and anything that did not exist in that boring close mind world.

I was quite introverted and very little social because I felt that there wasn’t an easy way of communicating my world ideas with others.

When I got in touch with dance, I found my best friend! Dance was the only one that could finally understand me! I spent hours dancing, losing myself where the movement merges with the melody and the self surrenders to the Unknown!

Dance guided me to spirituality in the way of meeting Spirit deep inside the body and not somewhere in the sky.

Today I am the choreographer of my life, creating everything that happens around me. I am passionate about guiding people on a path of discovering who they are, opening their hearts, surrendering to their Higher Self, and finding the meaning of their lives.

My favorite mantra is “what is in is out”! 

On this phrase, I base my everyday life. A constant observation of what is in, to understand what is out!

An observation that never stops to surprise me and helps me touch God!