A woman is at least four different women during her menstrual cycle! A natural woman who follows her nature and not the patriarchic lineal system, has 4 clear and very different phases during her cycle. Each phase lasts for around seven days. The complexity of her hormones and their constant change contribute to the release of different type of emotions that create a different state of being. But what happens for women who have entered in their menopause and postmenopause?

If a woman has being living each and one of the phases, of her menstrual cycle, with all its “glory” then when menstruation appears she is able to step in a wiser state of being where all phases become one!

But if she hasn’t being honouring all the archetypes of the cycle (you can see here about them) then when menopause comes, instead of stepping in the archetype of the wise woman, she steps even more in her masculinity.

You can “fix” that by re-activating your energetic menstrual cycle in order to experience the archetypes again and when you feel ready you can then let them go and step in your power of wisdom.

I have designed a series of 6 sessions where we can initiate a magical journey towards our sacred feminine and our sacred masculine, the archetypes of our menstrual cycle and the gift of the archetype of the Wise woman.

The first five steps will be the same as the journey of The power of your cycle”.

At the end of the journey you will need a sixth session where you can bring all phases together and celebrate the Wise woman you are!

If you are interested in the journey you will need to gather information regarding your family tree, the way you were born and the 9 months inside your mother’s belly.


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