woman and menstrual cycle, woman and menstrual cycle

A woman is at least four different women during her menstrual cycle! A natural woman who follows her nature and not the patriarchic lineal system has 4 clear and very different phases during her cycle. Each phase lasts for around seven days, depending on the length of the cycle. The complexity of her hormones and their constant changes, contribute to the release of different types of emotions, that create a different state of being in each phase.

If we try to present the four phases with four different letters of a woman to her partner, those would be:

From 7th to 14th day (counting day one the first day of the menstruation):

Dear man, I love your presence around, especially now that I want to share with you my ideas, my goals, my achievements! Let’s build a life together by celebrating our independence. Let’s live in a parallel path, both dedicated to our mission of life. Be here for me to remind me not to lose my path and I will do the same! Hold me tight but not so tight cause you make me feel asphyxiate!

14th to 21st day:

Dear man, i love your presence around, especially now that I want to feel you, devour you and drink the nectars of our passion! Let’s build a life together by celebrating our union. I surrender myself to the divine masculine. I enjoy feeling my waters boiling from the heat of your masculine fire and the power of your presence. Hold me tight, very tight….

21st day to 28th day

Dear man, I am not so sure if I love your presence around….especially now that I just want to be alone. Be there for me so that i can see in you parts of my shadow. I am here close to you, but at the same time I am not. I am deep inside my core, more inside I cannot be. Everything looks like a possibility of a transformation. I hold a sword and I just dive deep inside of me. Anyone or anything that comes across my path will have to deal with this sword. These days you better not hold me at all…

1st to 7th day:

Dear man, I bow to your presence like the most powerful Priestess bows in front of the Divine Presence. Connect to your inner woman and celebrate with me the existence of humanity. Let’s enjoy our beautiful earth together. Honour and appreciate my blood the same way that a flower appreciates the rain in the middle of the summer. I sometimes need to enter my cave alone and sometimes I am willing to invite you in. Hold me and I hold you too in this sacred moment of this beautiful rebirth!

If you are a man and you have no idea how to deal with this beautiful and crazy feminine flow, you can have a session with me to find out what to do!

If you are a woman, who would like to know yourself more and use each phase as a gift for your self development process, press here

If you are a woman who entered her menopause already but would like to reactivate an energetic cycle, absorb its fruits and then let go and enter in the archetype of the wise woman press here.

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