Alternative dance seminar for women

In this seminar we will discover many secrets
of women’s body by using dance as a tool of introspection and self development.

alternative dance seminar

We will use the wisdom of Flamenco in order to:

  • Ground us in the Earth
  • Heal and expand our 1st chakra
  • Increase the ability of coordination in the body (which helps in concentration and intelligence)
  • Learn how to lead in life

We will deepen in our body using the grace of Belly dance in order to:

  • Heal and expand our 2nd chakra
  • Release Kundalini
  • Increase our Self Esteem
  • Connect with our Femininity and our Womb

We will understand why we have menstrual pain or any other health problems and how we will resolve them by realizing the reason they exist and by truly loving ourselves.

We will find out our unlimited female power that can materialize anything and we will connect with our heart
that we unfortunately have forgotten.

It is time for a transition from the Patriarchal period to a new period of Unconditional Love! Transition does not mean we are there yet, but we’ve packed our bags and are on our way. 


I look forward to spending these days with you by sharing our beauty, tenderness, joy and honesty!

I look forward to enjoying a beautiful journey with you!