22nd of JULY

19.00 – 21.30 GREECE TIME (ONLINE)

Are you ready to become a channel where the divine energy of the earth can meet the divinity of the universe?
Are you ready to embrace the high frequency of your womb and surrender to your ability to initiate men into the fields of Sacred Sexuality?
Are you ready to be initiated in the secrets of the Sacred Divine Sexuality?
If yes, meet me on the 22nd of July at 19.00 to celebrate the name day of MARY MAGDALENE and let Her guide us into the Fields of Pure Bliss, Ecstasy and Love!
We will go into a journey of liberating our libido
We will learn the secrets of Sacred Union
We will be initiated in the world of the Priestess!
You will need a Sweet Red Wine and a Glass!
Please let me know if you are interested at least 2 days before: agapiapostolopoulou@gmail.com ( I will have to send you the preparation for the initiation)

Categories: Seminars of 2021


Agapi loves taking people into a journey of discovering their Real Authentic Self. She mainly focuses on balancing feminine and masculine polarities, healing the inner child and embracing the matrilineal way of being.  Her work is a blend of shamanism, art, tantra, dance and spirituality. She is a world traveler who does her best to serve with gratitude and humbleness the Divine!