Yoni eggs are semiprecious stones in form of eggs that a woman can wear in her vagina.
The relationship a woman has with her eggs is totally personal and depends on her intuition and her capacity to feel and communicate with each egg.

Nevertheless i can share with you a small guidance on how to use the eggs, even though you always have to remember that the most important element in this relationship is your intuition!
The yoni eggs are extremely beneficial first for the energetic body and then for the physical.

Due to the fact that the energetic body is connected to the physical, whatever is stored in our energy it passes, sooner or later, to our physical body.Some of the information we store in the vagina is:1. energetic hooks that we received from partners2. energetic blockages created by traumas3. entities

You can start a journey with the yoni eggs, that is recommended to do it with a therapist or use them some times according to your needs.

Two eggs that shouldn’t left out from your therapeutic kit is: white crystal egg and green jade

White crystal:Cleans the energetic body and helps maintain the vibration high. It also help us realize what else we need to do for further cleansing.

Jade:Helps the second chakra connect to the fourth chakra of the Heart.  Smoothness the emotions and help the woman live more in her heart.

Of course working with the eggs is not so simple. It depends on what the woman carries in her vagina and her system.
If you have never used the eggs, starting with a white quartz and jade is a good beginning.

How to use them:After you buy them clean them physically and energetically. Each egg will tell you the way that it wants to be cleansed, but if you still do not have such a clear intuition a best way for me is by leaving it in a sea water or salty water for a couple of hours.

If you have a good connection with your vagina you can just place the egg inside and when you are ready to remove it you go to the toilet, you push and it comes out (do not forget to place a hand under so that you can grab it!)If you are not so familiar with your vagina maybe is good to start with an egg that has a string. In this case you use it as a tampon.

Even though yoni eggs can also contribute to heal diseases, i wouldn’t recommend that you use them as the only way of healing but as a side tool in your healing process.

Enjoy your connection with Mother Earth through them!

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