I don’t know how Agapi does it. She’s present, she’s lovely, she gets you! I continue to look through my notes almost a year later, and she had absolutely nailed what would be coming up for me with exact dates! These were complex issues I really needed help during transitioning times, and she gave me practical “fun homework” to do to evoke my health, wellbeing, and prepare my body, mind and destiny towards full fulfillment. She helps solve, and can see right through, the most intricate of problems, and give practical advice…not just feel good advice. I love her and her work. Highly recommend her to all.

Maria Sirryia


When I work with Agapi, I feel a lot of trust because I know that I am working with someone who is able to set aside personal beliefs and assumptions in order to be fully present and transmit exactly what I need to hear. Agapi is a motivating force and a great guide to those parts of my consciousness that I can’t easily access myself due to resistances I hold. My favorite session with her was the one where she just said: “You are doing great. You don’t need me right now, all you need to do is trust.” Which proves that Agapi is a fearless and clear channel as well as a teacher of freedom. I strongly recommend her work to anyone who wishes for support to figure out the complications of life from a heart perspective.

Daniel Bernhard


I have being receiving sessions of Intuituve Readings with Agapi the last 8 years. The journey I had with her was amazing. Each session goes directly into the point, giving the exact homework I need in the specific moment of my life, in order to be able to move forward into a creation of a better reality. Her channeling combines answers that include all parts of a person, psychological, energetic and physical. This is one of the reason that a session with Agapi is like a combination of psychotherapy – shamanism and physical wellbeing. I just love her!

Maria Christaki


I lived Agapi’s dancing lessons with so much joy! It is much more than just dancing! It helped me get in touch with my body, my self and with the ability to have fun!

Thank you Agapi!

Aliki Smerou

THE NEW MAN with Agapi

Agapi’s “New Man” self-development module for men has opened a pathway
of growth which I could not have imagined possible before starting this
journey with her. It has taken me on a quest deep into each of my male
archetypes: King, Magician, Observer and the Man of Nature. Agapi’s
intuitive approach has illuminated traits inherited from my family tree
which I could not have seen alone and has shown me how they affect my
life; it has felt in many ways like a karmic cleansing and has helped me
to embrace the authentic expression of the male archetypes in me. It has
literally helped me become a New Man.

Jonathan Clarke


If I could describe my experience with Agapi’s THE POWER OF CYCLE with a phrase, that would be “one way ticket”. Once we have started unlocking one by one the four archetypes that correspond to the four phases of my menstrual cycle, changes started happening in many sectors of my life (profession, abundance, relationships, physical body) without any specific effort or worry. This journey helped me dive deep inside my core and get in touch with whatever is or is not mine, a place that we often identify with our dark side. With pure love, acceptance, humor and the spirit of researcher Agapi helped me realize and activate parts of myself that were suspended because of subconscious beliefs well hidden and difficult to process with the logical mind, family tree inherited information and previous lives’ imprints. Dissolving into love and compassion whatever could not serve my spirit anymore we unlocked the power of manifesting and creating my reality the way I want. We opened the gates for a happy, fulfilling and juicy life!!

Eleni Kastanioti

THE NEW MAN with Agapi

The last project we worked on is the Man of Nature. A deep dive in my genealogical tree and the basic 4 archetypes that each one is needed in order to have a balance on time and space. So many pieces of information that help me to know myself came up, easier than digging into the darkness all alone. Thank you so much Agapi, every time we meet is a blessing.


WISE WOMAN with Agapi

I started working with Agapi in September 2019. I noticed the changes in my life from the second session of Intuitive readings. In May 2020 I started the journey through my menstrual cycle and I must say that it has been exciting. It has helped me to know myself better, to become aware of my blocks, and to be able to work on them.
The changes have been on all levels, even physical. When I started the sessions I had symptoms of premenopause, with irregular menstruation. Now we have managed to regulate it and have it come with the full moon. It’s fantastic!
Thank you so much for everything!

Patricia Maesa


You could say I have trust issues. And every new person I meet I scan it with my radar so many times until I decide if I can go on. Agapi went through really fast. I have known her for a long time now, and she is a coach I was looking for for so many many years. In the spiritual world, I was used in being alone, earning every step with hard tries, mistakes and victories that took much more time without someone that can provide you with the coaching needed in this dimension we are in right now.

Teo Papakonstantinou

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