¨Feel the power of the uterus expanding throughout your whole body and connecting you with your hidden femininity! 

Soft, strong, Fluid and Exciting it is the energy that expands in the body with every movement that is produced while dancing Belly dance.¨

actuación de danza del vientre

actuación de danza del vientre

My belly dance classes (as they are)

A belly dance class begins with a light warm up and sometimes I add some yoga stretching exercises in order to help us relax and connect more with our essence.

Then we continue with different techniques from different styles of belly dancing and we always end with choreography and / or an improvisation that helps us express ourselves according to the mood we are in during that specific day.

My goal in a belly dance class is to help women feel the sensuality that is rising from their femininity without feeling fear, shame or any taboo.

At the present moment I do not give regular classes anywhere but only short courses.